PHABRIX Publishes 4K White Paper

There is a lot of discussion and some confusion about UHDTV1 / 4K which has all been triggered by the technological advances driven by consumer screen technology and professional camera manufacturers. In response to this confusion PHABRIX has published the White Paper – “What will UHDTV1 / 4K mean to you?”

As the industry continues to focus on a choice of infrastructures, the PHABRIX Qx provides a range of interfaces from BNC to SFP offering 10 Gbps SDI and optical support. Importantly the PHABRIX Qx also supports SMPTE 2022 – 6 over 10BbE as the industry moves toward IP and IT connectivity.

This paper has been created to explain some of the challenges UHDTV1 and UHDTV2 present to our industry and in turn recognise the technology inherent in the PHABRIX Qx as a solution to the test and measurement needs of broadcasters as they react to the new world of UHDTV.

Download this white paper here.